General Features

Reducer: Transmital 580
Hydraulic Pump: Minimum Eaton 90 CC Milled Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic Motor: Minimum Eaton 75 CC Hydro Motor is used.
Oil Cooler: The high-performance oil cooler with a filter, oil thermostat and electric cooling fan ensures that the hydraulic oil operates at the ideal operating temperature. ASAHYD 24 V and oil tank and refrigerant are integrated as a unit.
Water Pump: The powerful water pump mounted directly to the gearbox has the capacity to pump 413 liters of water per minute.
Transmixer boiler ST 52 is made of 5 mm sheet material.
Transmixer boiler mixers are manufactured from 5 mm ST-52 sheet metal.
The boiler ring is made of noble steel with a size of 70x70.
Ring rollers are manufactured from special GGG 60 ductile iron material with Ø200 mm diameter. It is assembled with bolts for easy maintenance and lubrication.
Transmixer Frame 160 N.P.U. into 140 N.P.U. superior strength is provided.
The vehicle chassis is connected to the transmixer chassis with 6 pieces of 7/8 fine threaded connections, except for the chassis plates.
The water tank of the transmixers is produced with a minimum capacity of 800 liters.
The water tank is made of 4 mm sheet metal.
On the left side of the water tank there is a lit indicator showing the occupancy rate.
Transmixer fenders are made of sheet material, front and back plastic.
Foldable additional groove oval design allows the flow of concrete without allowing clogging.
Rotary groove lifting system is manufactured with hydraulic lifting system and hydraulic lifting system.
In addition to wear, the wear armor of 4 mm material is coated in the rotating groove.
The outer frame of the additional grooves is made of light profiles.
A minimum of 5 mm of polyethylene plastic material is mounted on the additional groove frame.
On the mixer, there are 2 additional grooves on the fender mounted with a spring pin.
The ladder system is designed in a design that will allow the concrete to be displayed safely.
A projector work light is mounted to control the rear of the transmixers with good visibility
For quick access, there are 2 pressure wash washing hoses in 1 stair platform and 1 floor.
Ecological cover is used in order to prevent the pouring of concrete in the mixer.
After the production of the transmixer pressure surface cleaning system (sand blasting), epoxy primer should be applied and epoxy primer is painted with 2 layers of acrylic paint in the oven environment.


Optional Features

The water meter is necessary to provide control of the plastic ity of the concrete.
Special painting.
Foil pattern, company name and logo over the tank
A rubber coating protection between the fender and chassis
Pressurized additive tank
In addition to the existing 2 extra external gutter there are 2 extra gutters..
Steppe Place.

Technical Details