General Features

Band width: 600, 800 - 1000 mm according to working conditions.
Belt thickness: 8, 10, 14 mm according to request.
Tape feature: flat, louvered or sergeant tape with tse certificate and court cloth is used according to the order.
Band chassis width: It is determined according to band width.
Belt chassis features: Conveyor belt chassis in the standard 1 1/2 "material is made of.
Top roller features: Made of 2 1/2 "material with 300 mm length, 6204 zz bearings are used inside,
Pads are used to prevent dust and water from getting into the bearings.
Sub-reel features: 630 mm long 2 1/2 "material, 6204 zz bearing is used inside,
Pads are used to prevent dust and water from getting into the bearings.
Drive drum features: Drive drum with a diameter of 220 mm and is threaded to 20 x 10 l with a diameter of 630 mm and on the drum with an interval of 20 mm.
The bearing of the drums is equipped with a UCP 210 bearing.
1.1, 1.5, 2.2, 3, 4, 5.5 kw 60 d / d 380 or 220 volt gearmotor are used in the belt moving parts.
The drive motor of the conveyor belt is mounted between the chassis.
The conveyor belt is manufactured with a back-back function.
Lifting and lowering of the belt can be done with motorized system or manual mechanical system.
8 mm hemp core steel rope is used as lifting rope.
There is an anchoring chain of 8 mm for the safety of the belt.
4 wheels are used in the drive.
Electrical installation (panel system and minimum 10 m cable included).

Features and Benefits

High process performance
Minimum sound and distortion
Minimum periodic maintenance
Minimum consumable material requirement
Compact design and stable operation
Long-lasting consumables
Maximum security
Easy installation and easy operation

Usage Area

Conveyor belts are used in food industry, construction areas, feed factories, stone - coal quarries etc. It can be used in places to meet transportation and loading needs.


Technical Details