PYT 2500

Yatay Beyazlatıcı makine çeltik işleme tesislerinde, kargo pirincin dış yüzeyindeki kepeği, makine içindeki yatay dizili taş sistemi vasıtasıyla zımparalayarak alan ve kargo pirinci beyazlatmak için kullanılmaktadır.

General Features

The machine has a closed construction with maximum security.
There are 8 silicon carbide abrasive whitening stones in the machine.
Crop input and output control systems are available.
There is an automatic valve system to adjust the product flow.
There is a vacuum regulating valve to extract the bran separated from rice out of the machine.
There is a pneumatic piston system and ammeter system available that allow the closure of the product input hopper when the machine is overloaded according to the engine’s mobilization amp.
The sieves on the machine are passed through a special heat treatment that ensures a longer life.
It has a construction system that allows easy replacement of the whitening grinding stones and sieve system by only one person
The product’s whitening setting can be set to desirable levels with the break system and balance weight of product output
To ensure high efficiency in the whitening process the smooth flow and effective aspiration of the rice is provided. Thus, the rice is gently whitened.
Makinanın içinde işlem gören pirincin soğutulması ve çıkan kepeğin elek gözeneklerinden dışarıya atılabilmesi için hava basıcı fan sistemi bulunmaktadır.
There are start and emergency stop buttons on the machine
Capacity: 2500 Kg / Hour
Engine : 1 Unit 45 KW 1500 rpm Motor and 2,2 KW 3000 rpm

Features and Benefits

High processing capacity and high performance
Excellent whiteness with minimum broken rate
Minimum bran residue
Minimum periodic maintenance
Minimum consumable material requirement
Compact design
Stable work
Long-lasting consumables
Maximum security
Small installation space
Easy operation and adjustment

Area de Uso

Las máquinas Blanqueadoras Horizontales también se pueden utilizar en el proceso de pelado de productos leguminosos como guisantes amarillos, alpiste, fréjol negro y verde, etc. a pesar de que han sido diseñas especialmente para su uso en las plantas de procesamiento de arroz con cáscara.


Technical Details