CPTA 5000

The stone separator machines is used to clean dry and granular agricultural products from stone, sand, glass, soil and other high-density materials.

General Features

The machine is separated into three part; fixed chassis, moving main body and feed and aspiration part.

The machine airflow has the possibility of fine tuning.

Inclination angle of the sieve can be applied as desired.

It is possible to adjust the degree of separation according to the type of the product and the amount of stone it contains using the inclination angle and air flow adjustment feature.

Machine has 11 KW fan mounted horizontally on for aspiration

The machine is designed to produce low dust and low noise

Air pressure is observed using a special indicator

The distribution of air on the surface of the sieves in equal proportions, enabling the vibrator’s vibrations to distribute the product in a uniform way has made the separation sensitivity of the highest level.

The machine uses low energy because of the vibro engines on it.


Capacity: 5000 Kg / Hour

Vibro Engine: 2 units 0.35 KW Vibro Engine

Engine: 11 KW 1500 rpm d/d

Usage Area

The stone separator machines can be used in dried grained agricultural and legumes processing facilities such as rice, wheat, rice, lentils, nuts, peanuts, etc.


Technical Details

Features And Benefits

High quality

High performance


Long life

Low energy consumption

High capacity and efficiency

Minimum periodic maintenance needs

Long-lasting and easy to replace sieve system

Airflow the possibility of fine tuning

Easy cleaning

Dust-free working opportunities

Minimum volume

Maximum ease of use

Maximum security

High sensitivity