The air polishing machines polishes the serrated rice using a special rasp system without damaging it, and removes the bran from the surface. This process gives the rice a bright, smooth and attractive look

General Features

The machine has steel frames welded in a closed construction and is of maximum security.
The balance weight of the output product is used to provide fast flow and polishing regulating of the machine.
The replacement process of the sieve sheets and product parts like the processing cage is simple and easy.
The machine is specially designed with four rasps which are used for the polishing processes.
There is an air pressure fan system in the machine which cools the rice being processed and throwing the bran away from the sieves and outside the machine.
There is a pneumatic piston system and ammeter system available that allow the closure of the product input hopper when the machine is overloaded according to the engine’s mobilization amp.
The machine’s side maintenance covers are made of chrome and are easy to open.
There is an emergency stop button to stop the entire system in case of emergency.
Capacity: 4500 - 5000 Kg / Hour.
Engine: 1 Unit 37 KW 1400 rpm Motor, 1,5 KW 3000 rpm.

Features and Benefits

High performance, high efficiency and stable operation
Excellent brightness with minimum fracture rate
Minimum maintenance requirements
Minimum needed supplies
Compact design and maximum security
Long-lasting consumables
Small installation area
Easy to use with ergonomic controls and settings

Usage Area

Even though the water polishing machines are specially designed to be used in paddy-rice processing plants, they can be used to polish and clean other products like corn, wheat, boiled wheat, barley, wheat, etc.


Technical Details